Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bring your community online with Brijj Groups

Want to connect with your industry peers or just follow your interests? Brijj has groups for everything. With over 209 featured groups and hundreds of user-created groups, Brijj allows you to know about industry happenings, interact with group members, participate in discussions or just vote in an interesting poll.

Brijj groups give the individuals an opportunity to make their own communities or become a part of the existing ones. The rich media sharing capabilities make groups an information hub, where everyone is sharing information. So, groups member need not search for industry related content at other places, it is all present in the group itself. Where there are thousands of members sharing information, there is rarely any chance for you to miss any important industry news or happening.

What is Brijj?

Everybody is busy blogging and tweeting these days, how could Brijj be left behind. So, we are here. All the news, feature announcements and tutorials, whatever you wanted will be posted on this blog from now on.
This blog also provides us an opportunity to be in directly contact with our members. Feedbacks can’t get simpler than this. Just drop a comment about anything you want to say with us.
Before we move on to other things, just a quick refresh of what Brijj is all about.

What is Brijj:

Brijj is a professional networking website for India launched by Info Edge (India) Ltd, the company behind other great websites like Naukri, 99acres, Jeevansathi and many more.